Tatung Announces Commercial Availability of Standards-Based Module for EV Charging


This module joins the family of modules developed by Tatung to accelerate the rollout of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

Amsterdam, November 4, 2014 – At the European Utility Week, Tatung Company announced the availability of its OEM MEVSE Module for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) featuring Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) communication and support for a wide range of network and application protocols including ISO/IEC 15118. Jointly developed by Tatung and STMicroelectronics, the MEVSE module, displayed at STMicroelectronics booth, is based on ST’s ST2100 STreamPlug and a new proprietary digital power controller and is supported by the OpenV2G software stack which is provided by Siemens as an open-source project.
The world’s first intelligent-gateway SoC, ST’s ST2100 STreamPlug combines a high-performance processing subsystem with Powerline Communication (PLC), security and peripheral features to support hybrid networks utilizing popular wired and wireless standards including HomePlug? AV and HomePlug Green PHY. The STreamPlug SoC offers integrated PLC modem and Analog Front End. The unique programmable digital controller is optimized for power-supply applications and simplifies the design of traditional power-conversion topologies, enabling faster development of innovative power management systems.
The OpenV2G project provides a reference implementation of the ISO/IEC 15118 and DIN 70121 (known as CCS) message stack which is used for Direct Current (DC) charging-control communication between battery electric vehicles (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and the EVSE.
The market of electric vehicles has established a rapid growing path for the next five years and charging stations for use in public facilities and private premises will play a crucial role in supporting this growth. Newly added to the Tatung M-series of IoT application modules that include M1, M3, and UDK-21, MEVSE has a flexible Linux-based software-architecture design to facilitate fast time-to-market for OEM customers in developing their standards-based smart chargers.
“Smart standards-based electric-vehicle charging stations are a vital component of the infrastructure of future Smart Cites and a power enabler of IoT applications. As a result, the new electric-vehicle charging module marks a valuable milestone in our IoT technology development,” said W. Y. Lin, President of Tatung. “Recognizing this, we believe that the MEVSE module will be indispensable to charging-station manufacturers enabling them to build standards-based smart chargers. There are many technical benefits of the module design. Thank to our strategic partnership with STMicroelectronics, and the extended support from Siemens Corporate Technology in the context of the OpenV2G project.”
“As one of the originators of the OpenV2G open-source project, we are supporting the sustainable integration of EVs into the smart-grid infrastructure,” said J. Heuer of Siemens Corporate Technology. “The MEVSE module perfectly complements our activity in the OpenV2G project, as it provides a highly integrated EVSE controller with great flexibility to implement smart vehicle-to-grid solutions.“
“The launch of the MEVSE module marks another important milestone in the collaboration between Tatung and ST,” said Oleg Logvinov, Director of Special Assignments, Industrial and Power Conversion Division, STMicroelectronics. “Siemens has enriched our efforts with their valuable application expertise and the OpenV2G protocol stack, making the MEVSE module a perfect OEM solution for e-car chargers.”

Product highlights:

? Linux OS for rapid application development and protocol support
? Dedicated state machines for mission-critical functions
? Supports industry standards and critical protocols, including IEC 61851, ISO/IEC 15118, DIN 70121, SAE J2931, J2847, J1772, SEP 2.0
? Real-time clock
? Operating Temperature range: -25oC to 85oC
? Dimensions : 94 mm(W) x 90 mm(L) x 20 mm(H)
The MEVSE module will be available through distribution and the module-specific implementation of the OpenV2G protocol stack will be available on the OpenV2G website (http://openv2g.sourceforge.net/).

About Tatung (www.879206.tw)

As the company that best represents Taiwan by media's choice, Tatung Co, publicly listed in Taiwan, is a global company specializing in Heavy Electrical Equipment, Consumer & Advanced Electronics, and New Energy System Solutions. Tatung also operates through its subsidiaries and leads in major business such as display panels, computer and IT solutions, advanced chemical materials, and retail stores in Taiwan. Tatung’s core strengths in custom-design and manufacturing services have contributed to the success of large-scale ODM business over the past decades. Tatung has recently partnered with major companies to create solutions for smart energy and Internet of Things (IoT). One particular focus of Tatung’s advanced electronics business has been established and based on intelligent broadband Powerline Communication (PLC) technology for applications where robustness and reliability of operation is key. In cooperation with key partners that include STMicroelectronics, Grid-to-Home, Arkados Inc., and Prosyst, Tatung has demonstrated a combined strength in offering pre-integrated, proven solutions for smart energy, the Internet of Things, and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Tatung looks forward to extending its business partnership with industry leaders and key partners on global basis for the fast growing business. More information about Tatung’s products and services can be found on www.879206.tw.
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