Prefabricated Substation

The mobile substation system integration that has an inverter converts DC power into AC power, a transformer boosts low-voltage to medium voltage and a loop switch unit. The system also has the power monitoring system by observing DC and AC currents. The system integration is protected by 5C coating from salt corrosion. In summary, the integration of the system can reduce the cost and manage the power system more conveniently.


▲ Reduce engineering interface: the sole provider that supply materials, installation, cable distribution and responsibility.
▲ Space-saving: the transformer and the switchboard are combined, to reduce the floor space.
▲ Save time: the system is integrated before ex-work, which is saving time of wiring connection and test run on site.
▲ Reducing engineering cost payables: the installation requires small surface area, which is reducing the cost of the land and foundation work. Only installing transformers and switchboard are needed on site.


    • The prefabricated substation is suitable for 500kVA ~ 2000kVA high voltage of solar power station. At different locations of prefabricated substations can be connected by the PV cables to enlarge the size of solar power system.

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