Energy Saving System

Tatung has developed the campus energy-saving management system (Niagara Framework), which is an open IoT platform that supports standard and proprietary protocols. The platform has good system scalability and includes new and old systems. This system is self-developed and can be customized according to the needs. Moreover, with the resources of Tatung Group has, we can provide system planning suggestions and the plans of overall solutions.


▲ Open software architecture: Developed using the Niagara Framework platform, more than 500,000 systems in more than 75 countries around the world running through this platform.
▲ High equipment integration: In addition to smart meters and water meters, it also supports standard protocols (Modbus/BACnet/OPC...) and proprietary protocols, with high integration of campus heterogeneous systems.
▲ Improve management efficiency: This system can automatically collect real-time data of each system, with the web remote management regardless of time and place.
▲ Energy conservation: Optimal control of lighting and air conditioning through scheduling, temperature management, demand management, etc.
▲ Energy consumption analysis: With accurate electricity consumption statistics and energy consumption analysis, the energy of building can be sustainably improved.


    • This platform can control power consumption through demand management, temperature management and scheduling management.

    • Users can set up a single billing rate for dormitory billing operation. Therefore, according to the electricity meter, the back-end system will consume the balance automatically and the loading information of each dormitory can be checked.

    • The system provides classroom air-conditioning IC card payment management at the same time.

Main Achievements

    • 2018 National Tsing Hua University (Nanda Campus)

    • 2017 Xindian, Yilan Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management

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