Energy Storage System

In recent years, due to the flourishing development of renewable energy, the intermittent renewable energy generation depends on different weather factors, coupled with abnormal climate changes, natural disasters lead to a large number of power outages. To improve power quality, supply electricity stably, achieve low-carbon life and sustainable development, energy storage is recognized as the most effective and cost-effective total solution for countries around the world. The energy storage system could achieve stable renewable energy supply and provide related supplementary services (such as voltage, frequency regulation, and storage, etc.) at the power generation, according to the application scenario and environment. On the client-side, it could achieve the benefits of an uninterruptible power system, peak cutting, reducing contract capacity and saving electricity bills.


▲Stabilize renewable energy supply: Energy storage system can make renewable energy generation smoothing, provide emergency quick discharge ability and optimal charge and discharge strategy to maintain power quality and power system stability.
▲Electricity transfer / peak cut: Through the charge and discharge of the energy storage system, electricity transfer can be realized, and the electricity bill can be saved with the time of use rates.



Provide integrated container and integrated design for medium and large-scale energy storage, covering circuit wiring diagram, hydrant, and air-conditioning ventilation systems, etc., completed in 20 or 40-inch containers. According to user requirements, evaluation design and select suitable battery materials, such as lithium ternary, lithium iron, vanadium flow and lead-acid, etc., to optimize battery efficiency and longevity. Provide disaster-proof/continuous power battery capacity planning and design.

Client Application :

    • Energy-saving or continuous power application for medium and large industrial and commercial

    • Home energy storage system application

    • Disaster prevention/continuous power application

    • Integrated energy storage optimal energy ratio application

Service Structure

Main Achievements

    • 2019 Kaohsiung Yong-an Large-scale Energy Storage System: The Industrial Technology Research Institute plans to build a 1MW/1MWh battery system in the national renewable energy field to cooperate with the regional energy storage equipment technology demonstration plan. Tatung Company took over the case. The solar farm in the Yong-an salt flats of Kaohsiung are used to build battery packs, battery management systems, grid-connected facilities, and distribution control panels, land preparation projects, battery system construction and grid-connected function verification systems, and to assist in subsequent system performance field verification and performance. As a reference for the government to promote the construction of battery systems, this system features include: solar photovoltaic output smoothing improvement, voltage regulation, frequency adjustment, scheduling charge and discharge, real virtual power control, power factor control.

    • 2018 Pingtung Forestside Smart Micro-grid Demonstration Park Phase II: Enhance the stability of the park by strengthening existing systems in the park.

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