Tatung Intelligent Agriculture Monitoring System

Service Structure

Service Structure

? Electricity Monitoring:In addition to monitoring the power consumption, it can also integrate Tatung solar power system and energy storage system.
? Auto:Through control strategy and scheduling, devices can do cooling, heating, sun-shading and water irrigate automatically. This will still work even if the TCP network is disconnected.
? UI Services:We provide cloud service of website and mobile application, you can always capture the real-time data from remote environment.
? Historical data:We record all sensor data, controller status and any modification settings, you can export and download historical curve or line charts.
? Alarm Notification:You can set any alarm condition, we also provide mobile APP notification, you will always catch the alarm at real-time.
? Model predictive control:We predict the greenhouse environment such as temperture, moisture and illumination, for precise device access control.
? Upgrade Service:You don’t need to disassemble hardware or wait engineer to help you, cloud system can change the controller’s operation mode and upgrading software.

Main Achievements

Intelligent Agriculture Monitoring System
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