Tatung Smart Green House Information

*TBRI Intelligent Nursery Greenhouse
*Jason’s Greenhouse
*2018 Taoyuan Agricultrue Expo Glass greenhouse

Main Achievements

■TBRI Intelligent Nursery Greenhouse
In the past, the Banana Research Institute organized and cultured banana seedlings in a traditional greenhouse for about 6-8 weeks. The climatic factors such as low temperature in winter, hot summer heat and high humidity in the rainy season directly threatened the cultivation of banana seedlings. Survival rate, quality and prolonged domestication time.
In addition to the intelligent system with capacity and energy saving, the solar-powered domesticated greenhouse, which was officially delivered in April 2019, provides the TBRI staff with a more comfortable and friendly agricultural working environment. The domestication rate and quality of the seedlings have also been shortened by about 3 to 4 weeks.
After the construction of Tatung Co.Intelligent Greenhouse, TBRI's banana seedlings are exported to the world, which is more internationally competitive. Even customers in Mozambique have order 500,000 seedlings at a time, all of which specify banana seedlings to be domesticated from Tatung Co. Intelligent Greenhouse.

■Jason’s Greenhouse
The construction of greenhouses, in addition to the appropriate protection of crops throughout the year, can help Jason still produce high-quality agricultural products in July-August; Jason's greenhouse melons sold 240 NTD / kg of good grades in the wholesale market.

■2018 Taoyuan Agricultrue Expo Glass greenhouse
Location:Xinwu Dist., Taoyuan City
Area:35.59 sq ft
Temperature Control System:Tatung Air Conditioning System
Tatung Water Chilling Unit
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